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EuroRisk Systems Ltd. is a private company grounded in the Black Sea City Varna that provides software systems and services for banks, for insurance and financial institutions and for other financial service providers.

Combining fundamental financial knowledge with long-standing experience in computer science EuroRisk offers products intended for analysis, modeling, evaluation, simulation and optimization of financial instruments and portfolios. The products cover internal models for pricing and financial risk estimation as regulatory requirements according to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the national specific financial lows.

Many of the software modules developed in Eurorisk Systems during the last 20 years are integrated in products of our partners and are used by customers all over Europe.

The stand alone desktop and Internet applications provide calculation and analysis tools the financial industry and for the business.

EuroRisk Systems Ltd. is a part of an International Competence Center (much-net AG, cops gmbh, profit software etc.) for development, distribution and implementation of financial software. Together with our partners in Bonn, Vienna, Sofia, London and further cities in Europe we provide our customers with first-class quality support.