Risk Framework Future Developments & Extensions

Future developments and extensions include:

  • Integration of additional modules within the Basel III Framework:
    • Internal Rating-Based Foundation Approach (IRB F);
    • Internal Rating-Based Advanced Approach (IRB A);
    • Stressed VaR and Incremental Risk Charge;
    • Credit Value Adjustment (CVA) and Deposit Value Adjustment (DVA).
  • Implementation of standard compliance check procedures in the investment area - according to investment laws of various countries - using compliance check modules;
  • Extension of market risk internal models through historical simulation;
  • Extension of credit risk internal models through CreditRisk+;
  • Interconnection between Risk Framework and Risk Engine;
  • Implementation of the IFRS hedge accounting module;
  • Development of new applications in various industries other than Finance, such as Energy, Transportation, Construction, Real Estate, Commerce, etc.